2016 A Different Sky: Unusual Sightings and Strange Phenomena over Merseyside. Second Edition. In planning for BUFORA

2016 The Anamnesis Project: A Study of the Close Encounter Witness. In planning for BUFORA

2015 Review of How UFOs Conquered the World by David Clarke for BUFORA. In progress

2014 Messengers of meaning: the flying saucer story in Cygnus Alpha fanzine, issue 14, May 2014

2005 How to conduct a skywatch – a guide for ufology. BBC H2G2 online encyclopedia.

2004 Naval Ocean Surveillance Satellites – a ‘UFO’. BBC H2G2 online encyclopedia.

2003 A Different Sky: Unusual Sightings and Strange Phenomena over Merseyside.  Liverpool: Bluecoat Press

2001 UFOs and the NOSS Problem in The Anomalist online.

2000 Turning UFOs into IFOs – NOSS in Strange Daze, issue no.21

1998 The Good, The Bad and the Ugly in The BUFORA Bulletin, Sept/Oct issue.

1998 The Southport Triangle in The UFO Times published by BUFORA.

1997 Various articles in The Researcher published by the Merseyside Anomalies Research Association.

Works of Fiction

2015 A Taste of Paradise in the Secret Invasion: Tales of Eldritch Horror from the West Country by Cygnus Alpha.

2014 The Finding in the Terrors of the Theatre Diabolique horror anthology by Cygnus Alpha

2013 The Doctor’s Portial to Christmas in The Twelve Doctors of Christmas Doctor Who anthology by Cygnus Alpha.

2012 The Empty House in After Dark: A Collection of Haunting Tales. Clarksville: Diversion Press (Released 1 October 2012)

2001 A Prince of Dreams in an anthology of poetry by Forward Press.

1997 A Feeling for the Moment in an anthology of poetry published by the Chester Writers.

Non Fiction

2013 Image of the Fendahl in You and Who: Contact Has Been Made. Volume 1. MIWK Publishing.


2017 Sheila Unwin’s donation of East African beadwork to the Royal Albert Memorial Museum, Exeter. In progress.

2016 Curatorial practice and acts of negotiation: the Blackfoot collection at the Royal Albert Memorial Museum, Exeter for the British Association for Canadian Studies. In progress.

2016 Brown, A., Eccles, T., Herle, A., Storied Landscapes: Enlivening Blackfoot collections in UK Museums in Journal of Museum Ethnography (forthcoming)

2010 Human Cargo: An Opportunity for Participation and Collection Access in Cargo: Excavating the Contemporary Legacy of the Transatlantic Slave Trade in Plymouth and Devon. Plymouth: University of Plymouth Press

2009 A Skeleton in the Closet in South West Federation News

2008 Rosanna Raymond’s Genealogy (2007): Notes on a New Addition to the World Cultures Collection at the Royal Albert Memorial Museum, Exeter in Journal of Museum Ethnography, no.20, pp.120-7

Unpublished material


2007 Casey’s Gadget. 15 page TV short.

2001 – 2006 Calling of the Mind. 120 pages. Film script developed as part of learning exercise.


2006 The Prisms of Shentar Khomen


2008 The Rose

2007 Bunnies of Bradninch!


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