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Project Blue Book TV show – watched, reviled, reviewed and what is a lost opportunity for exciting television.

Project Blue Book is a new TV series by Robert Zemeckis that was premiered on the History channel on 8 January 2019, and later released via the Sci-Fi channel in the UK on 27 March 2019. The show is allegedly … Continue reading

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History and the lessons from our past

History and the lessons from our past “We spend a great deal of time studying history, which, let’s face it, is mostly the history of stupidity.” Stephen Hawking History, (noun), – the study of past events, particularly in human affairs. … Continue reading

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The Fall of Rhodes

Since Spring 2015, students at Oxford University have been campaigning for the removal of the statue of Cecil Rhodes which proudly stands in front of the entrance to Oriel College.  This anti-colonial protest is becoming common place in an era of … Continue reading

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125th Memorial of the Massacre at Wounded Knee

A new organisation that has been founded by both Native American Lakota and Dakota individuals and a wider supporting community of like-minded people who share a vision for healing amongst all those living on the planet.   This group is called … Continue reading

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Secret Invasion: tales of eldritch horror from the West Country

Secret Invasion includes over 13 new tales by authors professional and amateur alike who have created their own weird tales to help raise money for the mental health charity MIND.

Contributions include a Q&A session with horror maestro Ramsey Campbell, with tales provided by Andrew Lane (Young Sherlock), Jessica Palmer (Dark Lullaby and Shadowdance), Helen Stirling, Jon Arnold, Christopher Glew, Anna Norman, Dan Barratt, Simon Brett, Richard Freeman, Steven Trickey, Mark Norman, Nigel Forrester and Tony Eccles. There is also a chapter for the artists to talk about their work.
Continue reading

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Visitors of deception

“That’s not what America wants to hear,…America wants a big UFO that flies down from heaven, as in Close Encounters of the Third Kind, filled with new hopes for mankind; America wants a shiny spacecraft to replace the deflated balloon … Continue reading

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Terrors Of The Théâtre Diabolique – a new anthology of horror

‘Terrors Of The Théâtre Diabolique’ is a thrilling new collection of original horror fiction from the Cygnus Alpha writers’ collective sold in aid of the mental health charity, MIND. Six seemingly random strangers are drawn by a mysterious figure to … Continue reading

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The Twelve Doctors of Christmas

Just in time for Christmas, a new anthology of festive Doctor Who tales; 12 Doctors, 12 Christmas days, 12 stories and all with one thing in common…but I can’t tell you what that is about because that would spoil it. … Continue reading

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Roles of the British UFO Research Association

The British UFO Research Association has many roles, mainly concerned with the investigation and research into UFO sightings and Close Encounter experiences. This also includes the so-called ‘alien abduction’ phenomena. BUFORA is there to offer people advice. BUFORA was recently approached by an individual who was concerned about … Continue reading

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Google and Roswell doodle

Congratulations goes to Google for their Roswell anniversary doodle. I enjoyed playing this whilst waiting for a parcel to arrive this morning. It’s only available today so please go to the page and enjoy the moment, help the little ‘grey’ … Continue reading

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