Terrors Of The Théâtre Diabolique – a new anthology of horror

‘Terrors Of The Théâtre Diabolique’ is a thrilling new collection of original horror fiction from the Cygnus Alpha writers’ collective sold in aid of the mental health charity, MIND.

Facebook-20141018-033443Six seemingly random strangers are drawn by a mysterious figure to a disused, semi-derelict theatre in a sleepy, seemingly innocuous, seaside town. There they begin their journey into the bowels of the building where their innermost darkest thoughts will be revealed in an encounter that will change their lives forever…

By turns horrifying and comedic, this anthology of electrifying stories lovingly pays homage to the fondly remembered portmanteau horror films of the 1960’s and 70’s pioneered by Amicus film studios. The anthology features a series of six macabre and deliciously funny short stories from the imaginations of writers Jon Arnold, Simon A Brett, John Davies, Tony Eccles, Lee Rawlings and J.R. Southall, all beautifully illustrated by Paul Griffin. In true portmanteau horror film fashion the threads are all drawn together into a thrilling conclusion penned by lead writer, Dan Barratt.

This very special book features an exclusive foreword from legendary actor, David Warner. Since 1962, David has been thrilling audiences in an incredible career which includes a vast range of film and television credits including: The Omen, The Company Of Wolves, Straw Dogs, The Thirty-Nine Steps, Time Bandits, Titanic, Tron and The League Of Gentlemen’s Apocalypse. His television work includes Doctor Who, Wild Palms, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Twin Peaks and Penny Dreadful. David will also be familiar to listeners of Big Finish having appeared in several Doctor Who audio plays as well as Sapphire & Steel. We are thrilled to have David on board not least because he starred in the 1974 Amicus film, From Beyond The Grave alongside Peter Cushing where he played a man turned murderer in a particularly grisly tale of an evil presence trapped in an ornate mirror.

An illustrated horror anthology sold in aid of the mental health charity, MIND.
Order your copy now by visiting our Just Giving page and follow the link to Lulu.com:

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