Roles of the British UFO Research Association

The British UFO Research Association has many roles, mainly concerned with the investigation and research into UFO sightings and Close Encounter experiences. This also includes the so-called ‘alien abduction’ phenomena. BUFORA is there to offer people advice.

BUFORA was recently approached by an individual who was concerned about a vulnerable member of the public they came into contact with through work. They requested our advice about this individual who reported not only their recent UFO experiences but also explained that in their past they had been abused and were a witness to a serious crime. We advised the enquirer not to get personally involved but get relevant professional help from a reliable source. They actually referred this person to a good friend of theirs who is a clinical psychologist. In his last email to BUFORA he said;

…you’ll be pleased to know that the individual has accepted professional help through the correct channels to try to understand the experience and accepts that it may be PTSD. So quite pleased with that result, thank you for the advice, it was very much appreciated.

BUFORA and its members are bound by a Code of Practice. This means we honour a person’s confidentiality and respect their right of privacy. Very few UFO organisations are bound by such a code today. This year, the Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena have adopted a Code of Ethics for themselves.

If you as a member of the public feel that something very strange has happened to you. That you have plenty of questions and no answers. If you are a UFO witness (percipient) who doesn’t want to be drawn into what has become a ’20th century religion’ about aliens then please do contact us. BUFORA will be happy to talk to you in confidence.

BUFORA can be contacted at:

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