Child ‘abductees’ in the USA

The ‘alien abduction phenomenon‘ has its roots in the early 1980s USA when Close Encounter of the Third Kind cases (CEIII) took a turn for the worse when alien beings were allegedly taking people from the the comfort of their homes and exposing them to brutal experiments. The myth shifted from close communication to something darker. David Jacobs, the late Budd Hopkins, the late John Mack and author Whitley Strieber were the more prominent members of the USA ‘abduction’ movement.

Typica6(image courtesy of Aliens and Children)

The interest in this phenomena and its link to children also occurs in the USA, in particular with its link to the sale of the thought screen helmet (this is no joke). This website not only informs the viewer that children are also being experimented on by alien beings but that conditions like autism are caused by alien scientists who are creating an autism epidemic in this world!

There’s no conspiracy. The aliens are lousy scientists. The spectrum of autism disorders comes from flawed alien trial and error efforts to create a new race from their genes and human genes. The Peter Principle applies to the alien’s science: “In an organization, individuals tend to reach a level of responsibility at least one level above that at which they can function competently.” In this case, the aliens are above their level of scientific competency and are damaging the human genome in their attempt of creating alien-human hybrids. They demonstrated their scientific incompetency by making themselves sterile.

So American UFOlogists have been proclaiming that they know the reasons why aliens are abducting people. In the 1990s, in the lead up to the Millennium, UFOlogists understood that aliens were taking genetic samples from us to create a hybrid species, possibly to help save the future of their race or ours. After the Millennium it turns out that these aliens are creating hybrids so that they can plant them in our world – humans will not be able to discern human beings from alien hybrids. The giveaway is the number of children who suffer from autism, they believe that this increasing number is down to alien experimentation, not human diet, activity or natural genetic processes.

If the aliens haven’t physically invaded by now (as was anticipated pre-2000) then the ETH’ers have found a new explanation in that alien beings are invading us discreetly.

During an abduction, after aliens take either sperm or eggs from humans, depending on their sex, or in some cases, after showing the abductee an alien/hybrid baby, the human abductees are taken into large rooms in the alien’s spacecraft containing alien/hybrid fetuses in clear tanks at different stages of development as shown in the above drawing made by an abductee.
Abductees wondered why they did this. The answer is now obvious, the aliens are showing humans their replacement. The aliens are in effect telling abductees that the new alien/hybrids will replace them. There will be no more humans on the earth.
There is one catch to this situation which the aliens do not realize: some of the fetuses are autistic. The aliens are incompetent scientists and can’t quite do what they are trying to do, so they continuously make trial and error attempts for their new creations, thus causing the epidemic of autism.

For an alien species that have an incredible technology to travel vast distances, to have the ability to manipulate physical matter so that they can abduct people through stone walls or metal framed cars, they still persist in having fundamental flaws in their biological knowledge. In fact, the velostat thought screen helmet that’s on offer actually protects us mere mortals from telepathic intrusion! The aliens also are either reptilian in nature or insect-like or both…it’s great food for every sci-fi tv show writer.

Such is the contradictory nature of these aliens that are currently invading us. Unfortunately, what is being demonstrated is that these aliens are very much human in nature and also that there’s a deep rooted need in our psyche for change.

Are these abductions any different from the fairies of old who abducted babies and replaced them with changelings? No, it’s exactly the same but this pattern of behaviour isn’t being recognised;  instead a belief has been adopted to explain the physical defects in our young. The activities conducted by the fairies of old have become transformed to the activities of alien beings of today. It’s clearly a rejection of, and fear of, science. However, this fight of irrational faith versus rational science will continue for many years to come…but the point of this article is that children in America and in the UK continue being exposed to this sinister belief system and that concerns me.

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11 Responses to Child ‘abductees’ in the USA

  1. Casey Shaw says:

    I called my aliens visiting me at night when I was about 3 years of age the “pill man”. I was abducted when I was 15 while wide awake in a car. I got lucky on remembering those two times. Very nebulous memories.. They exist. The proof is the existence of gods in ancient times. The proof is very large rocks weighing many tons that are geometric. The proof is that we live in a vast universe, yet the aliens existence to most people is surreal even though it is common sense. The fact that life in the universe exists simply because we exist and the vastness of space wouldn’t of just created a conscious vessel in a single place. The proof is that the universe can’t exist without consciousness due to quantum entanglement. The reality of it is most people don’t believe because they are programmed to do just that with social conditioning, Hollywood, and other manipulation. The word government means to control the mind. govern=to control, mint=mind. The ones who are really controlling the mind because your mind controls your body and outlook on reality are…the aliens, not any human. Some people will not believe unless they see them. Even then you might want to be with another witness because you might not believe your own eyes. I have proof for me to believe due to being with other people when a lot of my experiences have happened. So believe want you want or can. I do believe autism and a lot of other occurrences in this world are orchestrated by the aliens. From international bankers to secret societies to your average Joe. The Earth is a farm. We are someone else’s property. -Charles Fort

    • Tony Eccles says:

      Thank you Casey. There isn’t any proof only your experiences, which is fine to point out the nature of the reality of the subject we’re dealing with – it’s intangible. I would also question your understanding of physics and also question your understanding of language. Government realistically means ‘people of similar minds who govern’ NOT ‘controlling the mind’ please see. The point of experiencing something so profound is that it makes you question the reality consensus, however, it is not proof and frustratingly one isn’t able to prove that their experiences are real – that’s the whole point. What you believe is seriously misguided based purely on what you want to believe and not the hard facts around you. My other concern in this part of my blog is whether we should expose our young children to pseudo-scientific nonsense – as adults we need to protect our children and when they’re older we can show them other facets of human knowledge and allow them to make up their own minds – as children they’re unable to do this, in a way it’s a form of religious mind control. Adults themselves have a hard time with the UFO and ‘abduction’ phenomenon, let’s not drag our children into the confused world of aliens and mental illness.

      • Casey Shaw says:

        Thanks for the input. Sometimes its just best to say I don’t know. If you don’t mind me asking what have you seen and how did you interpret it? My understanding of quantum physics is laughable, but I tried.

      • Tony Eccles says:

        I think you hit on an important point. An understanding of relevant science in this subject matter can be mind boggling for many, hence why a belief with simple underlying (yet ancient roots) are easier to accept. My experience is personal but it did change my life and I’ve had many years to criticise and rationalise it. Thank you for commenting on my blog.

  2. Brooke Smith says:

    Hi Tony, I thought I’d just leave a comment as someone with Asperger’s. Not that I’m giving a whole lot of credence to this theory, but if aliens did create those with Asperger’s and autism, that would not be a failure; it could be a success. I’m not saying that living with Asperger’s is easy, as it’s not, but I have a lot of talents and abilities that are abnormal in the general population. I have an above average IQ (156), I’m talented academically, as well as musically, and I have an innate sense of spirituality and Oneness with other people, animals, plants, and the Earth in general.

    Yes, I do have problems with communication and social interaction, but not so much with people who are like me (other Aspies and people on the spectrum). And I only have a problem with Theory of Mind (interpreting others’ thoughts and feelings in a particular situation), I don’t have a problem with empathy. Once somebody explains to me what’s going on, or I’ve learned what particular interactions mean, I have no problem with empathising (sometimes too much) with other people and their problems. Temple Grandin likes to use the metaphor of cavemen to describe us: the NTs (neurotypicals) were the ones sitting around the campfire telling stories, but we were the ones sitting in the back of the cave alone and creating the first stone tools. What sort of minds actually progress our society when we stop and think about it? Given that we communicate well with each other (including possible reports of telepathy), I would say that the aliens have created a very successful race for the future of this planet.

  3. Honestly, you never know. I have a 21 year old brother with autism who has been complaining for the last 2 years about aliens bothering him. Sometimes he looks very distraught. Sometimes he begs my mother and I to “take the bad aliens away.” There are nights where he won’t allow himself to fall asleep because he is petrified that they will take him. We ordered a thought screen for him. We are so desperate. I’ve had my own experiences I can’t explain as well such as a pretty disturbing memory or dream, I’m not sure which it is but I’ve remembered it for as long as I can even remember! I’ll spare the details. But my point is, you just never know. My mother was more offended when the doctors told her it was her fault that Philip was autistic. She has been a very health-conscious person all her life; never touched a drink or a cigarette, and always made a point to eat organic (even before it became popular.) So to have the doctors tell her it was her fault was a slap to the face. Maybe it was a vaccination? At this point, abductions make the most sense to me. Philip HATES thunderstorms. I have read a number of online articles that mention aliens using thunderstorms to hide themselves while they do their dirty work. You just never know people! I think it would serve us better to be a little more open minded.

    • Tony Eccles says:

      Thank you for writing and for informing me about your experiences and concerns. I think it’s dreadful that your family seems to have been let down by the medical services available to you. I’d like to ask if this poor response is a common one in the USA? From those involved with autism I have spoken to, one an adult male the other a father of a young boy with autism, both of them have felt really frustrated with the forced association between autism and ‘alien scientists’. The adult with autism has told me outright that he does not believe that aliens are the cause of his disability. (I must also state here that I’m personally horrified that your poor mother was accused of being responsible for her son’s disability). I think you’ve raised an important point about having access to decent medical care which is every citizen’s right.

      You do sound desperate and I wish I was in a position to help you but a belief in alleged ‘alien scientists’ will not help you. Your 21 year old brother has clearly picked up the idea from somewhere (it’s incredible how easy it is to pick up such details) and I’m afraid your website research is telling you nothing helpful as web discussions concerning UFOs etc are largely full of uneducated nonsense than sensible fact. What are you going to do if the helmet doesn’t work? I’m personally not convinced that it will otherwise it would be an essential piece of headwear for the world population…and it isn’t. When we feel desperate of course we will do ANYTHING to help the ones we love. There is absolutely no proof for the existence of the alien scientist…and I am a UFO witness with my own experiences! But the idea of thunderstorms hiding alien activity is completely daft. I’m afraid the web is not the solution to understanding your problem but I think proper medical care is. However, I realise that it might be hard to find and ultimately too expensive to implement.

      If anyone is going to get any decent help then I think the media need to be involved, to cut open the sore wounds of this enormous tragedy, and expose it for what it is and allow the right people (not ‘aliens’) to remove the disease. Perhaps then will people actually benefit from the proper care and attention they deserve to have.

      I truly wish you and your family well and I sincerely hope that your brother gets the care he needs.

  4. Terry Grey says:

    Tony, these kinds of posts are quite harmful, in that they tell parents of autistic children a baseless lie that could never help their child, nor help them comfort their child.

    But you don’t have to believe me: Betty Hill, in her 1995 book A Common Sense Approach to UFOs, relates a story of how aliens cured a boy of autism! (See pages 140-1.)

    Maybe those alien are better scientists than you think!

    • Tony Eccles says:

      Dear Terry,
      Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and leave a comment, I truly appreciate that.
      I don’t believe in any lie given to parents of autistic children, in fact one of my friends feels completely offended by the ‘alien scientist’ nonsense that has permeated the UFO community and which is not supported by any scientific fact. My friend is a parent of an autistic child. Another person who felt offended by this tactless theory is a grown up citizen with autism who first brought this to my attention. Clearly, besides myself, no one has actually bothered to ask people with autism how they feel about alien scientists, but that’s what I would expect from a community that have aliens at the root of their lives, and it’s truly sad.
      The alien scientist idea is utter nonsense, that’s my opinion. I really wish people had more faith in the human ability to heal than rely on the alleged Earth-saving forces of our alien visitors, who remain invisible 99% of the time except when they want to land above someone’s house and abduct them in the middle of the night. The alien scientist idea is totally irrational.
      I prefer to have faith in the human ability to create and the human ability to deliver peace on our world, after all we have to take responsibility for everything that is happening upon it – no one else will rescue us if we mess up. No, I prefer to trust humans who I come into contact with each day because they’re real, not alien beings who are elusive and far from the beneficent beings the UFO community make them out to be.
      By the way Terry, you point to Betty Hill’s story about an alien cure (you might as well have taken a quote from the bible). Her account was largely acquired through hypnotic regression; this tool is not a reliable one and is far from making an accurate report. If hypnotic regression was reliable then we’d be using the technique all of the time, for example, in a court of law…but this never happens.
      If there’s a cause for concern here it’s the lack of scientific knowledge and the high level of irrationalism that exists in the UFO community, it’s become a modern religion, I’m amazed how many people deny this.

  5. Tony Eccles says:

    Thank you Andrew for challenging me. However, you yourself appear to be deeply entrenched in your own belief system based partly upon your own experiences and partly due to what you’ve read, people you’ve spoken to and what’s out there in popular culture. Your response has also demonstrated how highly emotive the subject is.

    What you may not know…perhaps because you’re responding to a single entry instead of several others on my blog…is that I am myself a close encounter witness, so I have experienced ‘other’ realities, hence why I’ve been a long term member of the British UFO Research Association.

    However, the crux of the ‘abduction’ problem I feel is that experiencers have spent years developing their own belief system based upon the ideas promoted by early UFO researchers because mainstream science had failed to take witnesses accounts seriously.

    The subject is deeply irrational and goes beyond our understanding of the physical world. You raise some good points about the ‘abduction’ phenomenon and I don’t disagree with you about a number of them, ‘abductees’ suffer, they clearly do but the reality of their experiences cannot be proven. One cannot prove that an abduction takes place in the physical world or that it takes place inside the individual’s mind or that it takes place in another reality…none of this can be demonstrated to be real…and this is the most frustrating aspect of the phenomenon. Science may not have all of the answers but I don’t think you do either.

    In the article regarding child ‘abductees’, my concern… particularly in light of the high number of child abuse cases that have come to light…is that children are being treated the same as adults….in the world of UFOlogy where amateurs are the lead investigators, children are potentially exposed to abuse of various sorts. There are also a known number of adults ‘abductees’ who have also acknowledged that they have suffered sexual abuse at a younger age (read some of my other entries)…so yes the subject of investigating children as ‘abductees’ concerns me and we shouldn’t be doing it until we can work out what is actually happening to adults.

    The issue of autism was brought to my attention by someone who has autism and they were concerned by an online article that appears to be expressing racial cleansing of sorts…did you miss this point in the article?

    So despite your initial thoughts I have read and published your post…and have responded…but we’re going to have to agree to disagree and I’m okay with that.

    I was once a believer in visiting extraterrestrials (ultraterrestrials whatever…how do you know what they really are? Since when have you become the voice of truth?) but after years of looking into the subject the evidence for this is scant.

    What I am doing now is trying to conduct an ethical study of close encounter witnesses (‘abductees’, percipients etc) with the intention of exploring the idea of why some people have these extraordinary experiences and why many others do not. Witness studies are not common these days and this study will be one positive way of presenting, not only data in an objective manner, but I hope to show that these witnesses are normal rational individuals. Now this study may or may not help with our pursuit of knowledge on this very subject. It may rightly fail if it is exposed to the wall of extreme belief. So may I ask what are you doing to bring the evidence to light? Or are you too busy criticising what others have written simply because it goes against your own fixed, almost religious, belief!?

  6. Andrew Dunne says:

    Hi there
    It’s frustrating to to be writing to someone who you know 100% is wrong and misguided about their subject matter and that probably wont listen to a word you say due a deeply entrenched belief system (who is in essence no different from a religious fundamentalist) but I’m going to give you the pleasure anyway. Regarding your last paragraph, it is you who have rejected and has a fear of science in that you clearly have faith in the absolute veracity of mechanistic science at its current stage of existence and the false notion that the Universe operates according to a closed circuit of fixed and unchangeable laws. It does not and science at its current level of understanding cannot study the Alien phenomena simply because it does not yet have the tools, let alone the conceptual framework to produce these tools. Just as the impossibility of studying the microbial world until the invention of the microscope did not mean that micro-organisms did not exist, the same goes for the Alien phenomena.

    I know that the phenomena of Alien Abduction is real because I’ve experienced it many times and I can assure you, it’s horrific beyond your wildest dreams. The initial problem with the subject in hand is that there is a huge amount of disinformation out there, much of it spread on purpose to detract from the true nature of what is going on and much else on the back of charlatans and quacks who create money and status from such falsehoods (think anyone who ‘channels’ the Galactic Federation of Light and then present messages to gullible New Agers regarding Aliens who are coming to save the planet). Indeed, the very word ‘Extraterrestrial’ which I see dotted around your blog is a Red Herring because what we’re dealing with here is a para-physical, hyper-dimensional or ‘Ultra-terrestrial’ phenomena that is for all intents and purposes indigenous to this planet.

    The abduction process is far more widespread than you’d imagine and I’ll explain to you here exactly how its done. If you spend the rest of your life researching astral projection and then train yourself to actually do this (which is achievable by almost anyone) you’ll discover first hand that it’s entirely possible for consciousness to leave the physical body. The abduction process works by forcibly extracting the consciousness from the physical body and then in the density where these entities exist it is placed in a temporary host body where the abductee is subjected to various procedures. In my own experience, these consist mainly of torture and certain mind programming operations. There is apparently also some kind of hybridization project which is well documented though I can’t say I’ve ever been involved in this as far as I’m aware. The method employed is ingenius as it usually leaves no trace of what’s been done and this is why people claim to be floated through ‘stone walls or metal framed cars’: Their physical body is not taken at all, at least in the vast majority of cases. Occasionally, abductee’s will find marks on their physical body after they’ve been returned due to recall and subsequent projection of their mind onto their actual body of what’s happened to them during the abduction. Bear in mind that this ‘projection’, similar in nature to the machinations of the placebo effect is also entirely achievable through simple hypnosis techniques. Again, no trace is generally left which is why in so many cases you’ll read of people claiming to have been floated onto space crafts etc and yet their light sleeping partners next to them will claim that they were there in the bed next to them all along.

    I appreciate whilst writing this that my description will sound like science fiction to you but I can assure you it’s not. I’ve had many encounters with these entities and can tell you that they are the most extreme example of a self serving race of parasites in the known Universe. If you were to meet me you’d find a bright, lucid individual with a stable job and family with a BSc in Social Anthropology. I’ve never had delusional psychosis or been admitted to a psychiatric ward. Unfortunately, many abductee’s have and many if not most experience extremely complex emotional and physical problems, PTSD and lifelong depression, anxiety and addiction problems. I have no opinion on the issue of abductee’s and autism which you address here but I’m confident that a condition identified in the early seventies called ‘sensory processing disorder’ can be one of the outward manifestations of abduction induced trauma.

    I’ll just finish by saying that from my perspective, dealing with this topic in the flippant, patronizing and arrogant way that you have in this post and seemingly in this blog is doing a great dis service to all abductee’s (which of course include many children) and the struggle that they face daily. One which I sincerely hope you never have to face yourself. Still, I hope you don’t take this too personally. Most of the woes on this planet are down to simple ignorance which is not a crime in itself. It just saddens me to witness people like yourself who are so cock sure of themselves and yet so wide of the objective truth. Believe it or not I actually feel bad about sending this to you but above that, sometimes it’s necessary to give a lie what it’s asking for, that being the truth. Goodnight……..

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