Child ‘abductee’ workshop – should we be concerned?

The UFO subject has always been considered ‘out there’ with some of its followers demonstrating the best of British eccentricity or simply having the belief that this world is being visited by extraterrestrials in their numerous spacecraft (a cosmic car industry it seems). It’s a complex subject that speaks volumes about human behaviour.

However, I recently heard something rather chilling, that child ‘abductees‘ were about to be researched! Really? How? In fact, where’s the proof that adults are being abducted by alien beings? As far as I’m aware there isn’t any proof…so where’s the justification in wanting to explore the minds of young children in this way? There isn’t one. Surely this approach at the very least is unethical, perhaps its to serve another agenda that may result in the publication of a book?

Child-and-Grey-touching-hands9_n-300x217AMMACH is the organisation that was recently featured in the Channel 4 documentary Confessions of an Alien Abductee. Its Director, Joanna Summerscales, tries to help counsel people who claim they are being abducted by alien beings. However, her next project it seems focuses on the experiences of young children! Are our children being ‘abducted’ by aliens? And where’s the proof? There clearly isn’t any and if we look at adults who claim to have such experiences there is clearly something else going on in their lives that perhaps is linked to the cause of such experiences. There is no proof for alien visitation let alone ‘abduction’. More importantly although we’re aware that the brain is  a wonderfully complex and creative organ are we educated and honest enough to acknowledge that it is also flawed one?

There is no doubt that people around the world claim to have very intense religious-like experiences but many of these tend to take place when they are often isolated and also in a relaxed/tired state (I’m aware of ‘multiple witness’ cases). There’s something to be said about our complex minds and as adults it’s fine for us to explore that. But not with children, surely? To examine children as ‘alien abductees‘ in my own humble opinion is very dangerous, as any examination through a belief-driven mechanism could seriously damage a child’s mind and their potential for normal healthy development. I’m not a qualified psychologist but I do know a few and I’m aware of their concerns in this particular field.

ammach-chex-logo1CIRCLE-300x298 A forthcoming workshop is being held in Mablethorpe, Lincolnshire (details) on the 14th July so that parents who believe their children are being abducted can bring them along to have their experiences recorded/examined/explored. This to me smacks of irresponsibility (parental and of the organisation concerned).

Where is Abduction Watch when you need it?

Now not only does the workshop focus on children it also comes with a fee of £25 and that’s for two adults and their child! This is what AMMACH have to say about the event and the work they’re  doing.

Here at AMMACH, we see the need for the provision of a space/resource where mums and dads, parents in general, can report  the experiences of small children and youngsters unable to report themselves.  Older children who are able to write down their feelings and thoughts about their experiences;  how it has affected them, what they have learnt from such, along with any  depictions they can make, like drawings can be sent in for sharing on the website.

For the moment, reports can be sent in by email – please write CHEX in the subject line, this will be helpful in bringing those reports to our attention sooner.  If parents. and/or children want their reports to go up anonymously,  let us know, and we will assign a number to it, and let you know what that is.

Through these reports, we can see what is happening to the littlees; and as the adults who report with us, also had experiences as children, and there was no one to tell…we think it might be an idea, to start talking about what the children are reporting, and supporting them, bringing it out into the open, for understanding and elucidation. It will also, hopefully, help give parents confidence to share their children’s stories also.


(all images courtesy of AMMACH)

Surely this is about adults adding their own interpretation to the behaviour of a child they don’t understand?

Question: Who informs the public about the tangible nature of the alien abduction phenomenon? It’s a myth created largely by American UFOlogists in the last 40 years! Belief has taken control over sensible evidence.

With children being so fragile, how does one distinguish fact from fiction? Even parents have great difficulties with this one.  We know that children are very imaginative and absorb information from a whole array of media that surround them. But on a more serious note, if something was seriously wrong with a child then how does one tell the difference between a child suffering from human abuse to one experiencing alleged ‘alien abduction’? That’s a stupid question I know because human abuse is very real and ‘alien abduction’ is only real to those who believe it’s real.

How can one tell the difference between the human imagination and mental health? I’ve been investigating UFO sightings and Close Encounter cases for 17 years and I can’t! I’m not medically qualified to make such decisions but it’s surprising how many researchers in this subject are doing exactly that. My advice to any UFO investigator is simply this…get to know a qualified university-based psychologist, someone who is also interested in parapsychology and make them your friend! (To Matt Smith, Mike Daniels, Carl Roberts and Mark Glover, thanks for your help over the years.)

Joanna Summerscales has stated that she is a trained therapist…but what does this mean? Is she a professional psychologist? A clinical psychiatrist? A psychiatric nurse? I don’t know but I’m concerned for any child/young person exposed to UFO related enquiry. This is especially for a subject that has no basis in the physical world, where there’s no proof and where it doesn’t fit into our consensus reality, unlike child abuse and mental health issues which do.

So I ask you, given the nature of the subject and how it can seriously affect someone, is this something we should be concerned with? And if so, what do we do about it?

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