Bunnies of Bradninch (a tale of fear)

I don’t normally upload any of my nonsense poetry but I’ll make an exception with this example. First written in 2008 when I was going for guitar lessons in the Devon village of Bradninch. On my return to Exeter, I would often find myself driving in foggy moon-lit nights with rabbits staring at me on the side of the road. Anyway, one night in bed I woke up with an urge to write the following, and so at 3.30am this stuff came out of my head, my apologies in advance.

Image by Chris Chew

Crazed Dazed Bunny







Bunnies of Bradninch (a tale of fear)

Road lit by car beams, the land lit by moonlight,

Strange shapes and shadows in the middle of the night.

Bunnies of Bradninch at the side of the road,

Gathered in numbers so huge they’re a horde.

Fluffy ears and cute eyes, but don’t fall for that look,

As it’s all explained in a psychology book.

The beauty outside and the madness within

‘Tis a natural order to the bunny’s sin.

Bunnies to the left and bunnies to the right,

All with evil faces that fills me with fright.

Black wide-open eyes, floppy ears on parade

With long sharpened fangs and carrot grenades.

And then in the fields when all is asleep,

They hop in like mad and kill all the sheep!

Hear the pigs go oik! Hear the cows go moo!

It’s a panicky bloodbath then they’re gone too.

And then in your home, hopping up to your bed

The hard heads of cabbage are smacked on your head.

They’re nibbling, then jumping, biting and bumping,

And this craziness ends with mad bunny humping.

So heed my warning on this special occasion,

The few nights before their little invasion.

The Bunnies of Bradninch evil horde on the road

They’re hatching a plan to take over the world.

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