Will Storr is back!

His previous work in 2007 was Will Storr vs The Supernatural which was a fresh opinion on the subject given by a journalist who experienced the paranormal and those people whose lives are very much focused around the subject matter. Mr. Storr experienced the frightening as well as the clearly ridiculous and I enjoyed reading it very much so much so that I actually contacted him and asked him to do something similar about the UFO subject. Storr’s response was surprisingly disappointing in that he told me that he didn’t see any connections between the UFO subject and the paranormal. Unfortunately he’s very wrong in that assessment and the link is very much with the people who are deeply involved in the subject. It is the life-changing ability of reported extraordinary experiences and their deep convictions that link them. the-heretics-9781447208976022

So why am I writing about Will Storr now? Well I just received a blanket email from his publisher’s blog to inform me about Will Storr has a new book, which is called The Heretics: Adventures with the Enemies of Science, published of course by Picador. Heretics, which is available from the 14th February, questions why people believe in the irrational and using his fun investigative journalistic skills he travels to different parts of the world  to speak to “creationists, UFO spotters, ESP experimenters and people who believe they have alien worms living in their skin.”

Now, I will be reading this book because I enjoyed his last endeavor, however, I won’t be expecting any surprises and unfortunately he should have just focused on the subject of UFOs. This book possibly just sounds like a jolly. Now you might be thinking…well of course you would say that Mr. Eccles because you’re interested in UFOlogy so you’re bound to be biased…well yes but from having been in the subject for many years I have encountered a plethora of people, a multitude of ideas and beliefs, a variety of experiences, I’ve even interviewed members of cults such as the Aetherius Society whilst on one of the sacred hills on Dartmoor. (By the way, the Aetherius members I met were very normal lovely people who, regardless of what they believe, want to make the world a better place…perhaps a hint that more of us should get off our backsides and actually do something ourselves).

I can tell you too that my own experiences are nothing like those shared by individuals who claim to be aducted by aliens nor are my thoughts the same as those members of the Aetherius Society. Basically, UFOlogy is an indepth subject worthy of a tome to be written by someone neutral like Mr. Will Storr, I really want this to happen because the subject would benefit from such a fresh perspective, Storr’s own humour and his opinion…UFOs shouldn’t be tackled as a quick chapter in a book – a common mistake made in many popular press publications.

I am a UFO witness myself but I don’t believe in Government conspiracies and crashed saucers!! So Storr’s writing will not, I feel, represent my experience nor the experiences of other UFO witnesses, that’s the point really. Whilst I experienced the irrational I certainly don’t attribute the alien mythology to it…which makes me a normal open-minded individual. Storr’s book clearly seems to focus on extreme beliefs, which has been done before so it won’t cover the UFO subject in any depth just its top thin skin.

When I’ve read his new book I’ll review it on here and who knows maybe my current expectations and cynicism in such publications will have been misplaced…

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