Are angels really terrifying?

Please raise your arm if you’re enjoying the present series of Doctor Who. Yes that’s right my right hand is certainly held high up, I’m having lots of fun. But it’s taken three doctors and seven series for me to start enjoying it. Mind you I’m not complaining, and I’m sure the BBC did take note of my only ever complaint when I asked that the show become more frightening (I’m a 43-year-old man not an 8-year-old kid – who’s your audience?). However, I must say that the Moff has done just that…the show has atmosphere, great dialogue and wonderful storylines.

Proof that cherubs enjoy eating people!

Here’s are my brief comments about the episodes to date;

Asylum of the Daleks – a Dalek that thinks its human and an opportunity to erase the Doctor from the Dalek’s memory banks. So we’ll be seeing them again in future episodes, won’t we?

Dinosaurs on a Spaceship – a Silurian ark is a great concept but why the hell do we have an Egyptian Queen and a 19th century game hunter with the Doctor? What relevance do they have? None whatsoever…please do not bring them back…what a complete waste and my only negative comment about this series.

A Town called Mercy – I loved this episode as it had a very different feel to the other stories. And who was the villain? The gunman or the other doctor? Amy rams home the fact that travelling solo can do very bad things to a person’s mind.

The Power of Three (or Brian’s Log)…my goodness the Doctor actually doesn’t know what’s happening? This was refreshing and something I complained to the Beeb about (one letter in many parts, there are no others honest) that the Doctor was a complete know-it-all ass, which is impossible for a Timelord who has difficulties keeping track of everything that’s going on – he has to be somewhat of a bumbling fool from time to time. Of course, at the end Brian encourages the Doctor to take Amy and Rory with him…of course they’re also discussing how they settle the conundrum of having two different lives! The Doctor’s honesty in telling Brian that his companions either end up leaving him, being left behind and even dying was a very touching moment. It’s a shame that Amy and Rory’s fate are sealed in the next episode…this feels premature. I loved recognising the wonderful Steven Berkoff behind Shakri’s make up, he’s such an unsual but great actor (the one regret I have was that I missed his one person show called ‘Dog’).

The Angels take Manhattan – how menacing were those little cherubs? This story was exactly what I needed to keep me firmly planted on my seat. And what a great surprise to see Mike McShane (he once said hello to me outside Sainsbury’s in Camden in 1993 – he was a very jolly chap) playing the baddie – whoever cast him for the show should be kissed.
So Amy and Rory leave together – who’s going to tell poor Brian? – well this for me is what Doctor Who is about, no not Rory and Amy’s ending but the gripping atmosphere of the show and the great stories. My congrats to the Moff and his team – don’t suppose you’re looking for a new writer are you? I have this tale to tell, it involves a man strolling along a country path and he gets lost…

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