Three cases that shaped British UFO research

A UFO conference is planned for 22 & 23 September 2012 and is organised by the British UFO Research Association

It’s also the organisation’s 50th anniversary so how is this going to be celebrated? And is there any mileage in a UFO conference today?

conference poster

This conference is aimed at anyone who is interested in the subject.

Over the weekend various speakers will discuss new UFO cases not seen before and innovative research projects.

Speakers come from different parts of the world and the UK. They are covering a wide range of new material for this special year marking the 50 years of one of the oldest and internationally respected UFO groups, continuing its research and investigations into the phenomenon.

Here’s a breakdown of the event;

Location – Holiday Inn 1 Kings Cross Road, London, WC1X 9HX

Ticket prices – Saturday = £25, Sunday = £25, Weekend = £40

Tickets are available online from the BUFORA website or just come along during the Saturday and Sunday and buy them at the BUFORA reception desk within the Holiday Inn.

Who’s talking on Saturday 22 September

Lionel Beer – BUFORA’s honourary president – he will give an anecdotal overview of some notable general and personal thoughts and stories from the last five decades of BUFORA. He will also reveal some information that has never been known in the public domain before.

Heather Dixon – BUFORA’s Director of Investigations – Heather will examine the nature of perception and beliefs and how these dramatically influence the reporting of a sighting, particularly in relation to claims of high strangeness experiences, and the responsibility of the investigator to the witness in conducting objective and rigorous research.

John Spencer – respected UFO author and BUFORA researcher – John will talk about the political, cultural and social influences on UFOs. Since they were ‘officially’ recognised as a phenomenon in their own right in 1947 the subject of UFOs has gone through many migrations and evolutions. In this talk, John Spencer discusses those influences, and charts the progress of the UFO phenomenon in parallel with the political, cultural and social changes over those 65 years highlighting what questions such changes bring, and what answers might be possible.

Jenny Randles (via video link) – Britain’s only professional UFOlogist and a long time member of BUFORA. Jenny will talk about three cases that changed the way in which UFO cases would be investigated. These cases are Peter Day’s movie footage 1973, the mass witness sighting New Year’s Eve 1978 and the multiple mid-air encounters over the UK in summer 1991.

Lionel Fanthorpe – President of ASSAP, Britain’s only Government recognised professional body that investigates the paranormal. Lionel’s talk is entitled Behind all the Anomalous Objects. When honest and reliable witnesses report strange aerial phenomena, and other weird things, what might be causing them? Do reports of UFOs sometimes overlap strangely with more traditional reports of the paranormal? We live in a very strange universe. Its mysteries and secrets are not easily solved. Are we looking widely and deeply enough at the possible phenomena behind all the reports?

Clas Svahn – renowned UFO researcher from Sweden – Clas will be talking about Ghost Rockets, which are one of the truly enigmatic phenomena in UFO history. Not only did they crash into lakes in northern Scandinavia, without leaving a trace; but they left depressions in the bottom. They were also reported flying over Sweden, Norway and Finland in the thousands in1946. These cigar shaped objects have continued to be reported up to this day. Clas Svahn has talked to witnesses, interviewed military investigators, researched secret archives and only months ago; he led an expedition trying to find one of these crashed UFOs in a remote part of Sweden. A member of the Archives for UFO Research, Clas will tell the stories never told and give you a tour into the world’s largest archives for the unknown. There is also recent ghost rocket footage that Clas will show at the conference.

Who’s talking on Sunday 23 September

Vicente Juan Ballester-Olmos – renowned UFO author from Spain. Vicente will be talking about an important collection of UFO files he has been cataloguing. Current estimates show that he has over 9500 UFO cases in this catalogue, 99% of them will not be known to the British public!

John Hanson – author of series of books entitled Haunted Skies – John’s talk is going to include a number of photographic images taken during many visits to Rendlesham Forest over the years. He will also show a film which was taken on the 27th of December 2000 that shows a peculiar number of lights apparently hovering over the forest. He will also talk and show some photographs of some anomalous objects which fell to earth there.

Richard Conway – BUFORA’s science officer – in his talk, Richard will dissect some typical claims of pseudo-scientists and authors that purport to have found physical phenomenon that regular science has missed, some inspired by the intervention or direct messages given by aliens. He will describe a first-hand story that took place in Turkey and try and depict common traits of those that proclaim radical theories. He will refer to cases and events, some entrenched in Ufological lore and others on the periphery of our subject but interesting nevertheless.

Geoff Falla – long term BUFORA researcher – Geoff is one of the original researchers (Michael Hudson is another) behind a major study that explored UFOs that physically affected as they approached vehicles such as cars, planes and ships. Geoff will be talking about some of the more interesting cases.

Tony Eccles – author and BUFORA researcher – I will be talking about the Anamnesis Project (life memory). This was originally created in 1981 to study those people who claimed to have experienced UFO related close encounter events. It was hoped that by understanding an individual’s life that the close encounter experience could be better understood. The Anamnesis project was re-initiated in 2011. This fresh approach to close encounter research has revealed some interesting characteristics.

Dave Newton – BUFORA’s own astrophysicist! – Dave will examine the UFO phenomenon from an astronomical perspective and will re-evaluate the Extra Terrestrial Hypothesis in the light of 65+ years of UFO evidence.

Ross Hemsworth – host of TV chat show Now THAT’s Weird! and weekly radio talk show Nailing It. Ross is also the former director of the Laughlin UFO Conference – Ross will be taking a very different view on the Rendlesham Forest UFO incident of December 1980. Ross had his own encounter there and he’ll be showing an incredible photograph
of what he believes to be an inter-dimensional entity!

If you’re interested in attending but want to know more please do contact BUFORA at
email:  tel: 08445 674694 or via post at this address BUFORA, PO Box 241, Business House, Herts, SG6 9AJ

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