Ghost rocket sighting in 1980s Sweden!

Dear ufologist!

I thought you might be interested in knowing that UFO-Sweden is going
to search for a modern Ghost Rocket in a lake in the North of Sweden
later this month. The unidentified object landed and sunk on the lake
in front of two reliable witnesses in broad daylight in the summer of

The search will be conducted deep inside a national park with special
permission from the Swedish authorities. The 15 persons team will be
hiking to the lake and a helicopter will airlift the equipment.

The expedition is funded by 150 donations from member’s of UFO-Sweden
and with money from UFO-Sweden and AFU.

A press release about the search, that will be covered by a
documentary film team which have followed UFO-Sweden for two years,
can be found here:

There you can also find pictures for download, a film and links to our
Facebook account:

We have also created a web page:

This search may shed light on the ongoing observations of cigar shaped
objects with or without wings that have been crossing Swedish air
space since 1946, the year of the Ghost Rockets.

The results from our five days expedition will be presented at this
years BUFORA anniversary conference on September 22nd at the Holiday
Inn at London-Kings Cross Bloomsbury, 1 Kings Cross Road, London, WC1X

There I will also speak about the Ghost Rocket phenomenon and about
AFU, the world’s largest archive for Fortean phenomena.

For more information about the conference please see:

If you are interesting in reading more about the Ghost Rockets I can
recommend the newly published book “UFOs and Government” where I have
contributed with a chapter on this. The book is available through

Yours sincerely

Clas Svahn
Archives for UFO Research

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