A report in alleged unusual level of earthquakes in Dulce, New Mexico

So what happened in 1967 in Dulce, New Mexico? According to a UFO Digest webpage, a claim has been made that a large and suspicious number of earth tremors and quakes were experienced in high density around Dulce. And the report seems to suggest suspicious and secret Government work as being the likely cause, relating to an underground nuclear explosion project called Gasbuggy (what a great name).

This claim has been around for several years but UFO Digest have included it recently because the claim is believable and it makes great reading. I personally don’t know the full truth behind it. The researcher is anonymous but is referred to as Firefoot and there is a great Google map to accompany the report. I’m always suspicious of anonymous researchers but I’ve done this myself for an issue of the MARA journal.

I’d be interested to hear your views about this or related reports to things happening in the UK, particularly if they’re linked to UFO sightings. On a loosely linked note, I had heard that radioactive material from Liverpool University was buried in the 1960s under one of the tunnels that go underneath the River Mersey. The source for this was a former employee who worked on that very project!

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2 Responses to A report in alleged unusual level of earthquakes in Dulce, New Mexico

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  2. Lee Rawlings says:

    Don’t stop that was a great article! I want to read your autobiography now!

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