Saturday in Dorset

I spent most of Saturday in Dorset interviewing a woman called Stephanie (pseudonym); she is a close encounter witness. Her main experiences took place almost 20 years ago when her children were quite young. They too had twice observed an unusual UFO up and close. In fact on both occasions, Stephanie described how the first UFO scared the family as they were driving through Scotland in the early 1980s. 

The object was matt black and wedge-shaped (rounded edges) with the front being the largest part of the craft. There were no lights, no seams, no bolts, no windows. It ascended above the tree line and maintained speed and close distance with the family. The father wanted to stop the car and get a closer look but the witness’s mother pleaded with him to drive off quickly! The object continued to follow them, the witness felt like the object possessed an intelligence and was observing them. Finally, the object moved away hovering in the middle of the road until out of sight. Stephanie also reported time loss of several hours.

The second experience was when Stephanie and her children were walking home one evening in the mid-1980s. The object was cigar-shaped, a matt black in colour with a series of lights along its base which flickered sequentially along its length. It initially hovered just above the gardens of some neighbours houses and when Stephanie and the children walked past the object rose into the air and seemed to follow them. Her oldest child, her daughter began crying and was angry with Stephanie because “she did not protect her”. When they got inside the house the object was now in the hovering in the sky, its shape clearly visible. Despite the busy road no one there had observed the object, however, there was a flurry of reports in the local papers about UFO sightings in the area.

Stephanie did not report her experiences to anyone until now for fear of ridicule. However, she is terminally ill and this has given her reason to go on record (so long as she remains anonymous). Stephanie claims that the two UFO events marked a period of dramatic change in her life were things for her seemed inexplicably to just change for the worst. Since that time nothing unusual has happened to her just the tragedies in her life.

I’ve excluded a lot of details here but Stephanie has kindly participated in the Anamnesis project, which I am re-initiating with BUFORA. This project focuses on the witness and not on the object itself and the beliefs of the investigator. It enables the witness to partially lead the ‘investigation’. My role on Saturday was not only to record her experiences but it was also to ask her about her life, her interests and her beliefs as I believe this is significant to better understanding the UFO.

I’m writing a full report for BUFORA and details of Stephanie’s experiences, once checked by the witness, will be available from the organisation’s website.

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