The need to find a new Earth

Through technological and industrial progression our planet, and the environment upon which we depend, is rapidly changing. Earth’s natural resources are being depleted. The rapid growth of the human species has had a major impact on the natural world. With strong coverage of such subjects courtesy of the media, it feels like our world is rapidly spinning out of our control and we fear our future, or realistically, the daunting possibilities we are likely to encounter.

Therefore, we consider the possibilities of taking humans further out into space, to places with new resources we can exploit to meet our needs whilst at the same protecting the Earth that we have now. Wouldn’t it be also great to find another world that could sustain human life?

An interesting film has been released. Another Earth recently won the Alfred P. Sloan Prize at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival for “focusing on science or technology as a theme, or depicting a scientist, engineer or mathematician as a major character.”

What would happen if a duplicate planet Earth suddenly appeared? More details about this interesting film can be found here. Obviously, this would play hell with the planet’s gravitational pull etc but the idea is fun to play with. Please do take a look at the reviews via Google.

Linked to this is the continued search for other Earth-like planets by astronomers. The aim is to look for extra-terrestrial life, interesting comments about this subject can be found here.

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