The passing of Budd Hopkins

One of the world’s leading ‘abduction’ researchers has sadly passed away. Budd Hopkins, aged 80, was in hospice care for the last three weeks. For more details please go to the Daily Grail.

Budd Hopkins was an American advocate of the Extra-Terrestrial Hypothesis (ETH) and it was Hopkins who was convinced, and who convinced many other people, that our world was being visited by ETs who were regularly communicating with, abducting and experimenting on innocent people. Also, that a human/alien hybrid was being created as a result of the such insidious experiments. His legacy continues in the work of others who wish to continue the faith. Despite his tragic passing, I was never a follower of his ideas.

I’m a researcher who needs to see good evidence. I rarely get it with most American research into the abduction phenomenon. It’s unfortunate that the ‘abduction’ experience has become little more than a modern-day church and that people’s genuinely strange experiences have become misinterpreted in this way. In my opinion, the use of hypnosis on ‘abductees’ has always been a big mistake because it was being used by amateurs and very rarely by those who are medically qualified.

My thanks to Dave Sankey for the daily grail link.

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