The National Archive releases more MoD UFO files

The National Archives have released more Ministry of Defence UFO files dated Thursday 11 August.

This collection contains 34 files containing 8,600 pages of sighting reports, press cuttings, Parliamentary correspondence and UFO Policy documents including, for the first time, several documents declassified from ‘Secret.’

The files can be downloaded from the TNA UFO page along with a highlights guide, background briefing and an illustrated podcast, here:

For interesting revelations I recommend reading the blog of my esteemed colleague Dr. David Clarke

and read a detailed summary of the file contents here.

In these documents the MoD have admitted that because of other priorities and a lack of resources they were prevented from conducting serious investigations into UFO sightings. UFOlogists have known this partially because of the content of replies sent from Air Staff 2a. This is a desk-based office whose sole purpose is to direct information internally and to respond to public enquiries about UFO sightings and low flying complaints. Little effort was ever made in providing useful information to the public.

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  1. Lee Rawlings says:

    Excellent stuff. Thanks

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