Object over Bridport, Dorset – 7 June 2011 at 14.53pm

I was asked to look into the recent sighting of an amateur photographer who managed to capture a peculiar object he was watching in the sky. I have the observer’s permission to include the details of his sighting here with a copy of his photograph.

“I was looking out of my window at 14.53 pm at a hillside about 1.5 miles to the south-east, when I noticed an oval object travelling quite fast in a northerly direction fairly low in the sky. It was much smaller than say a full moon.

Although it was going in a straight line, it was oscillating rather similar to a spinning-top viewed from the side, as if about to topple over, probably one oscillation about every second. It took about 45 seconds to cross the visible sky and go out of sight to my left. I had flung open the window as soon as possible, and managed to get 2 photos with a Canon digital compact camera.

When I rushed out immediately afterward, the UFO had gone. I would estimate the object to be several miles from my home, because it had a hazy appearance although the local visibility was perfect. The first photo shows the object partially obscured by a nearby telegraph wire, in horizontal form. The other photo shows it whole about 3 or 4 seconds later, in a diagonal form.

The local press did an article on it, and a woman also seems to have seen a similar object a few miles east the same day. My son has just managed to do a computer enhancement of the photo, WITHOUT changing anything, and it appears to be a saucer object, with a strange shadow underneath. However, to the naked eye it appeared to be spinning. My wife only saw it fleetingly but she thought it was glistening like an aircraft.”

The object was observed for just over a minute before finally disappearing. It is also very much in the distance when photographed and there is no way, with current technology, to being able to enhance the object with the purpose of identifying it. All objects far away will look blobbish or oval shape, in this context, the saucer-shape is an illusion. On top of this, an object’s motion will also distort the image.The observer’s son kindly enhanced the photo to see if the resulting image could clarify what exactly had been seen, unfortunately this isn’t the case.

I did offer the suggestion that the object may have been a military jet, the observer disagreed adding “despite my experience, I am still not a believer in aliens visiting etc. It maybe is some natural phenomena that we have yet to discover?” Perhaps. The problem here is that we have a genuine observation but the quality of the photographic evidence to support it is poor. I must congratulate the observer for quick thinking in having a camera at hand. A friend of mine, since his sighting, always insists on carrying a camera with him at all times.

In response to my last correspondence the observer added “I reckoned it was perhaps a very long way away because it had the appearance of seeing through atmospheric haze, even though the local visibility was perfect.   I am now not too sure if this was so as I don’t really know how an object is supposed to look at say 10, 20 miles or more in a clear blue sky.  I reckon it could have been perhaps nearer, say 5-10 miles.  But if this was so, it certainly seemed to have a very strange, almost fragmentary appearance.   I can only describe it as looking through a haze.

Also, I am as sure as I can be that it was spinning.  And as I said, in this oscillating motion. So if you look at the first photo with it obscured by the wire,  it will have done about 3 steep gyrations before the second photo.  I cannot imagine anybody wanting to travel in something like that!”

In my own humble opinion, from the description given by the individual, are we then looking at a rare mirage effect of a natural phenomena?

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