BUFORA conference review

The British UFO Research Association held their conference on Saturday 2 July. It’s the first conference in some years. Here is a review given by Matt Lyons, the chairman. However, another review, written by Mike Kelly of Newcastle’s Sunday Sun newspaper, is here.

Unlike other organisations that have folded in recent years, the British UFO Research Association has struggled to survive. With reluctance, it had to give up its subscription based membership and its world-renowned journal so that the organisation could modernise and effectively work as a UFO organisation. This was a painful but successful transition.

The organisation has completed a major undertaking (long overdue) in overhauling its website. However, it has also digitised of all the organisation’s publications including Geoff Falla’s Vehicle Interference Report and its huge archive of UFO case files. The latter is being processed but all of this material will be made accessible to the public. This will help generate some much-needed income for the organisation. Lecture material such as audio and film recordings will also form part of this incredible archive. Fortunately, I’m rewriting my 2003 book A Different Sky, and this will be sold in a new format through BUFORA’s website.

These assets will certainly highlight BUFORA’s role in the development of UFOlogy in the UK since the organisation’s inception in 1964. BUFORA now has a solid team of people working behind the scenes. In fact, it’s probably the strongest it’s ever been.

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